Author Topic: Patches may have Nasal Cancer or something stuffed up her nose ?  (Read 587 times)

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Patches she is 10 years old now, nose started bleeding about 3 weeks ago also sneezing 30-40 times in a day, took her to a vet checked blood to see if she had been poisoned blood work came back OK.Vet put her on antibiotics we did all of them. Now has a very light pink discharge, snores very loud, went to our regular vet he did not seem to think it was time to put her to sleep ? They talked of a Endoscopic test under anesthesia to see what is up her nose because she is only breathing on the left nostril other side clogged up with something or a tumor do not know ?    They also said it would be about $800.00 or more would have to go to a specialist  just on Social Security now change over from Disability does any one have any ideas that might help Patches. Unfortunately I do not have $800.00 I did have VIP Pet Insurance but when hubby fell in 2009 broke his neck did not think I could afford it any longer. I do have Care Credit but I'm paying $125.00 a month on it do not think I can go any higher on it.  Thank you for your time.