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We had a good start to the week, then on Wednesday it looked as if Amy had the start of a UTI, I now keep Antibiotics so we can start them ASAP. then on Thur evening Amy spent a lot of time going in and out to the toilet. We did not worry as sometimes she is like that. We got woken by her panting and using Oliver as a step to get up to me, and she was a bit anious, so I spent the night sleeping on the floor with them. We slept for half and hour then out ti the bathroom, then at 4am she crashed and we slept till 8 am. It came out as if nothing had happened, with the usual running up and down the kitchen for breakfast. We put it down to the antibiotics still getting up to speed. In the early afternoon she started panting again and we called the vet. Jane said to monitor, and if we brought her in we could give her a small dose of prednisalone to try and reduce the swelling from the UTI, so she could wee a bit better, she also gave her a half dose of morphine to relax her and maybe help her go. As the next day was Sat, Jane said she would speak to Albert (one of the other senior vet) that we may come in in the mornign to check her bladder.
Fri night was about the same except Amy would not settle so we cuddled her between toilet breaks, but she piddling large volumes.  Jane had said if she did not produce big piddles to take her in, but we decided to any way for peace of mind. But I think we knew.................Albert said the day befores injections etc was a last ditch attempt and when he felt her bladder he said it was bigger than an orange, her tummy I knew was tight. So all that left us with was to tell her that we loved her so much, and held her till she went.
So my precious little baby girl, my girlie till I meet you again stay close to your daughter

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Re: Amy
« Reply #1: March 01, 2014, 09:35:35 PM »
My heart is saddened to hear about Amy.  Your wee girl was a fighter, and although the cancer overtook the battle, your wee girlie gave the big "C" a fight to extend the odds of survival.  She will be missed by all but she made such an impact on us, she will always remain in our hearts.  I believe that one day we will all be reunited with our angels.  Meanwhile, until we meet again, our angels will all run and play, pain-free.  Hugs to you, Nick, and Oliver.  And, a loving belly rub to Oliver.  Dee
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Re: Amy
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I am so sorry to read this.  You have said often that Miss Amy was on borrowed time and sadly her time came to cross over.  We all here will miss her greatly.
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Re: Amy
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So sorry to hear this.  I know how you are feeling, but you did the best you could for your girl.  She will forever be a part of you in your heart.  God's speed little one!  :heart:

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