Author Topic: Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad?  (Read 17195 times)

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Re: Can Dry Dog Food Go Bad?
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 :eeew:I was having tummy upset, due to Bully Sticks ... How was I to know I wasn't suppose to eat it, just nibble on it. :dontknow: Now, I don't get them cause I never learned!!
As for my dog food, my vet man, Scott, told mom to divide the bag up and store all but a weeks worth in the freezer, and seal that in a zip lock bag during use.  :wink:
The rug man said it is 14 degrees below zero this morning, but I just have to really hurry to do my  business, even with my sweater on :walk2: :shocker:  The sun is shining brightly to make up for the cold :thumb:
So tickled to read all the info every one has, and the love for their pets.  :heart: Paddi's mom!